What are your plans for your next trip to the UK? Is visiting the dentist somewhere on that list?

Date Posted:Wed, 12th Oct 2022

What are your plans for your next trip to the UK? Is visiting the dentist somewhere on that list?

Many expats still hold on to the notion of returning to their old family dentist on return trips to the UK. All too often, these plans fail to materialise and yet another year goes by without anyone checking or cleaning their teeth. Nobody wishes to pay for expensive dental treatment, let alone suffer the consequences of toothache. However, by neglecting our regular dental care, we risk bigger problems developing in the future.


Regrettably, our beloved NHS is struggling to cope in many areas. In particular, NHS dentistry is facing a number of unique challenges, as highlighted by a recent report in The Telegraph. For expats who have previously relied on NHS dental care from overseas, those days are almost certainly over. In fact, if you haven’t visited an NHS dentist since before the coronavirus pandemic, the chances are that you are no longer registered with that practice.

Even if you are able to visit your dentist while staying in the UK, this might not always be your best option. We always think we’re just going for a ‘six month check-up’, but the whole purpose of these visits is to spot any potential problems and address them before they become more serious (and expensive). What would you do if you needed to have treatment during your trip? There may not be enough time if you’re only in the UK for a short time and it’s generally not a great idea to board a plane when suffering with a root canal! These days, both NHS and private practices are often fully booked for weeks at a time. This makes things even more difficult if you’re trying to squeeze in your dental appointment during peak holiday times.

For most expats, it’s nearly always safer, easier and more cost effective to visit a dental clinic in the place where they live and work. The standard of dental care in Dubai can be extremely high, without the additional expense and uncertainty of flying home. There are a number of dentists in Dubai who completed their training in the UK and have benefitted from years of experience, both in the NHS and private sector. By forming a relationship with a trusted dental clinic, any treatment, follow-up or emergency visits can be easily arranged without leaving the country.

This level of care and attention is often not as expensive as you might think, and certainly no more costly than an equivalent UK private practice. If you are fortunate to have dental benefits included with your medical insurance, the process of claiming back the cost of your care is generally much quicker and easier from within the UAE.

After all, do you really want to spend your holidays at the dentist when your could be enjoying yourself with family and friends back home? Call The Perio Clinic on 044428515 or visit our website for British standards of professional dental care, right here in Dubai.